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The Indie Acoustic Project is proud to announce the finalists for the IAP’s “Best CDs of 2009” Awards.  The 3 finalists in each of 12 categories were selected from the multitudes of CDs that were considered for the awards.  The quality of the CDs submitted was terrific, and this has lead to the only major problem we faced: because there were far more than 36 excellent CDs (and only 36 finalist slots), many deserving recordings could not be included.

It is our hope that these awards will help all indie artists by generating increased awareness of independently produced music from around the world.

FINALISTS: The artist’s name is first (listed alphabetically within each category), followed by the CD title in italics, followed by the name of the record label. (more…)


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The title of Alison Brown‘s new studio release, The Company You Keep, was originally inspired by the words of Spanish novelist Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote): “Tell me the company you keep and I’ll tell you what you are.” But it wasn’t until the project began to develop that Brown realized the title actually held two separate, but equally important, meanings for her and for her music. “I’ve been writing, recording and performing my own tunes for nearly 20 years now,” Brown reflects. “And as I thought about the progression of my sound – our band sound – I began to think about what a collaborative effort this musical journey has been. After 15 years of recording, performing and philosophizing about music with (pianist) John R Burr and (bassist) Garry West, I really wanted to draw that collaborative spirit to the forefront on this album.” The Company You Keep features the musicians she has spent most of the past 15 years performing with: John R. Burr (piano), Garry West (bass), David Grisman Quintet alum Joe Craven (fiddle/mandolin/percussion) and Larry Atamanuik (drums) alongside guests John Doyle (guitar), Stuart Duncan (fiddle) and Kenny Malone (drums) on a set of engaging, upbeat and melodic tunes, many of which were co-written by Brown and Burr, in some cases right before the recording sessions. (more…)

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Nashville, TN (December 9, 2008) – Alison Brown has achieved success in many areas: a Harvard graduate, record label co-founder and owner, mother, and, the role that most people know her in: banjo virtuoso. With her tenth release, The Company You Keep, the usually soft-spoken Brown is speaking up for independent music. “The Company You Keep isn’t solely a statement about me or my band, or about Compass Records, it’s about independent music as a whole. The fact that we are all still here when you see closures, mergers and percentages down everyday is a testament to real music, good music, music that matters. We’re into our 15th year with this business model at Compass and we’re not struggling, we’re thriving.”


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