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Photo by Irene Young

Photo by Irene Young

Between sets of the October 18th live broadcast of WVBR’s  Bound For Glory, host and founder Phil Shapiro announced that the excellent Pennsylvania based singer, songwriter, and song sharer Anne Hills has won the Eleventh Annual Best of Bound for Glory Award.  The award recognizes fans’ favorite from the recently concluded 42nd season of this Sunday night Ithaca, NY staple.  Bound for Glory is North America’s longest running live folk concert broadcast.

The members of the Friends of Bound for Glory have honored a well beloved veteran of the North American folk scene this year.  Anne Hills’ career started in Chicago in 1976, and she never looked back.  Anne Hills couples a crystal clear voice with an ear for a great song.  She’s a fine writer as well, and a wonderful performer, with a great sparkle and smile. (more…)

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