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In 2004, Jason Crigler‘s life was taking off. He was one of New York’s hottest young guitarists, his new CD was due for release and his wife, Monica, was pregnant with their first child. Then, at a gig in Manhattan, Jason suffered a near-fatal brain hemorrhage. His doctors doubted he would ever emerge from his near-vegetative state. The astonishing journey that followed, documented by friend and filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar in Life. Support., Music., is a stirring family saga and a portrait of creative struggle in the face of overwhelming tragedy.

After receiving the daunting medical prognosis, Monica and the Crigler clan took a courageous decision ­ they would believe in Jason and, joining forces, conduct an intensive, round-the-clock care and rehabilitation program to bring him back to the life they believed was still in him. Musicians who had worked with Jason, including Norah Jones, Marshall Crenshaw and Linda Thompson, held benefits. (more…)


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