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In a spacious L.A. courtyard nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, a stage stands above an expansive pond. Here, as the sun goes down behind a hillside, just a few yards away from listeners as diverse as the city itself, a twirling feather- and bead-bedecked band breaks into old-school funk. A Sufi song played on reeds and strings flows in waves over the audience. A group of Gypsy-loving Québécois burst in raucous, harmonious chorus.

In this irresistible atmosphere, concertgoers have been known to form marvelously long, intergenerational conga lines, start clogging, or jam the night away on their djembes after the show. Musicians trade tips with fans, mesmerized kids frolic at the foot of the stage, and an elderly concert regular dances joyfully in his wheelchair. (more…)


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